By John Lavey | Hammock President and COO

Our work for healthcare companies that sell to providers—technology companies in particular—reveals that there is usually too little attention given to marketing the process of implementation.

Frontline teams, especially clinical and IT departments, know how important it is to follow implementation with great engagement and adoption. It’s not only what you provide that some people care about, but it’s also how you deliver it.

The best and most comprehensive technology solutions often hit snags when it comes to installation and rollout. Low adoption rates and low staff engagement can doom these otherwise helpful solutions.

Other groups, particularly smaller companies, may excel in the area of implementation, but they don’t do enough to drive the discussion around its importance. Does your content outline what a successful implementation looks like? Focus your content—in presentations, brochures and in online avenues—on explaining the steps of implementation.

It’s a good sales practice to focus on the renewal, not just the immediate sale. Getting off to a good start will drive adoption and engagement, making renewal more likely. Pay close attention to this stage of the journey.

Bottomline: Be ready to drive home the importance of launching a relationship, not just a sale.





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