By: John Lavey | Hammock President/COO

Our company chat thread is the one consistent “place,” outside our couple-of-times-a-week Zoom meetings, where we spend our time together during quarantine. When I asked for input on that thread about this week’s Healthcare Idea Email, I got a bunch of great articles from my colleagues. Those pieces, combined with some client discussions this week, had a common denominator:

It’s about time.

  1. Time has become a priority. We are learning to reconfigure how we spend our time working from home. Some people are finding success learning how to spend more time cultivating personal connections, as well as business connections, in the midst of enforced distancing. Although we likely won’t miss being confined to our homes, many of us have gained a new appreciation for time spent connecting.
  2. Time is a primary customer need. Companies that can offer patients or members or customers the benefit of their time are flourishing right now. A client texted me the following: “What is missing right now in the typical bricks and mortar doctor visit is time.” Now and moving forward, care teams, telemedicine options or chat platforms that can devote time to helping scared patients are a vital resource.
  3. Time is now a differentiator. One of my neighbors is a banker. I spoke to him a week ago about his bank’s processing of the SBA loans made available through the Payment Protection Program. At that point, it had 33,000 applications and had processed three. Three loans. He said the difference between getting the loan and not was down to the relationship with the banker. How many businesses will find new bankers who have time for their customers when this is all over?

What lessons have you learned from this unusual time? We’d love to hear from you. Thank you for your time reading this email, and stay healthy and safe.

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