By John Lavey | Hammock President and COO

For companies that are continuing to work from home, new employees are largely deprived of the ad hoc interactions from mentors and peers that help them learn how to do their job. That’s why some of the most crucial content being generated by healthcare companies right now is learning content.

Learning content is necessary for many companies so that employees can gain certifications and remain compliant with regulations.

There are also opportunities for companies to create content to share detailed learning about their own products and services, walk employees through how processes work, train their people on platforms and even introduce team members to aspects of company culture. 

Learning content is best created in collaboration with learning designers, who have the expertise to identify the issues and build compelling ways to help employees learn and retain knowledge. Learning content also enables you to measure and track development along the way.

The solutions, processes, platforms and culture you have are what distinguish you from your competitors. Investing in ways to communicate and train your employees on the details of what makes you different is worthwhile.

Takeaway: What areas within your organization would benefit from a kind of softer training? Perhaps the kind of learning that you are missing out on when you aren’t face to face? 

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