By John Lavey | Hammock President/COO

If you’re lucky, you’ve found one person at the organization you’re marketing your services to who is a champion for your solution. You’ll probably need that person to carry you on their back, like a Sherpa guiding you up a mountain, for a year. How can you help and encourage them along the way?

This question emerged last week at a HIMSS-sponsored conference for healthcare IT (HIT) marketers here in Nashville. HIMSS Analytics and the Content Marketing Institute presented new survey results on best practices and trends in HIT content.

The study sought to understand content preferences and the buying journey for decision-makers and influencers involved in the purchase of HIT. The discussion centered on some of the secrets to success for content marketers with HIT companies.

Many of the findings confirm what we’ve shared before on previous Idea Emails. Many people (an average of nine individuals) are involved in the purchase of healthcare solutions, and the sales cycle is long (12 months on average). The teams also cross roles (finance and administration, IT leadership and subject matter experts, clinical leaders and consultants).

Give the Sherpas What They Want

Buyers do lots of research before they decide to engage in a discussion with you. To even have a chance at closing a sale, you’ll need to find a champion inside the organization to carry your solution for that sales cycle. Sending them hype-filled material doesn’t help them help you. Instead, you need to send practical and digestible information. What does that look like?

  1. Proven success with customers that look like them
  2. Clear grasp of their industry
  3. Demonstrated understanding of their goals

Your buyer needs your help. Provide your Sherpa with the content they need to convince others in their organization that you are the best choice.


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