By: John Lavey | Hammock President/COO

The best kind of content is content that helps your customer solve problems and find greater success in what they do. In short, providing help not hype. Newly released data shows that high-quality content is more important than ever.

A recent report on B2B content consumption from Netline offers fascinating insights into the digital content consumption habits of decision-makers across a variety of industries.

In Netline’s research—based on more than 4 million interactions from inside its content platform—one key fact jumped out: Content consumption trends reveal that the C-suite is taking less time to consume content but longer to return for more content than before. This means marketers need to hit the mark and engage audiences faster and rely less on additional content to move key decision-makers through the buying journey.

In healthcare, what does it take to engage more quickly? What content will be considered higher quality? Start by thinking about your audience. The decision-makers—CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs and other influencers—within healthcare providers are quant geeks, to some degree, or they wouldn’t be in their job.

So the most engaging content to this audience is going to be supported by data. Proprietary information, based on credible and supported primary research, is an example of compelling content marketers can offer. They will trust data-backed content the most.

Are you able to provide data-supported insights to help your customer learn something that no one else is teaching or sharing with them? If not, what would it take to deliver content backed by credible data?

Takeaway: Delivering data-supported content is the best bet for engaging an audience that is taking longer to give your content a second or third look. Consider a content partner that can develop programs aimed at taking your proprietary insights (or helping you conduct primary research) and converting that into recurring high-quality and highly engaging content.

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