By: John Lavey | Hammock President/COO

We regularly talk about the high value of case studies or testimonials when marketing to healthcare providers or payers. I am one of those people who can learn a lot from a case study if it’s relevant to me.

But assuming that everyone in your audience can see themselves in another similar company doesn’t take into account all learning styles.

I experienced this recently in a pitch meeting when a CEO stopped a presentation and asked for a more relevant example. What resonated with him? He wanted to see what a successful version of his company looked like in the future, not examples of other successful companies.

His request got me thinking. There are many ways to tell a story or paint a picture of how a product or service could help a prospective client. But sometimes there is no substitute for running the numbers and showing the financial benefit of that solution.

That’s why many healthcare marketers are developing tools to estimate the financial opportunity their solution provides, whether that opportunity involves saved expense, new revenues or both.

Technology platform companies and service providers can benefit from making estimation tools a part of their content. The right level of focused marketing doesn’t require giving away what you’re selling. But it has to be accurate, not require data a prospect wouldn’t want to share, and deliver demonstrable value.

Looking for an idea to help augment your marketing? Figure out how to estimate the value your solutions provide.

Takeaway: While a well-told story adds value to a company’s brand, estimating a financial opportunity, then sharing how your solution saves money or creates new revenue streams can convert skeptical members of a decision-making team.

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