All parts of the marketing mix have their strengths: Data informs. Advertising connects. Content—done well—activates your audience. Engaging customers can be a worthy goal for content marketing. When it comes to lead generation content, though, you want to create action. Those actions are more likely to occur when you take a sound process and approach to content, instead of merely tossing out content into the wide blue web.

Here are four ingredients of successful lead generation content:

  1. Clarity—Have a clear picture of what good leads look like and the challenges you intend to solve for them. Research and data can provide a clearer picture of the needs of your audience and how you might start a conversation.
  2. Commitment—Commitment to consistent communication builds your reputation as an opinion leader. The trust you build with ongoing communication makes it more likely that the audience is receptive to your ideas, which benefits your lead generation efforts.
  3. A Passion for Solving Problems—For customers to entrust you with their challenges, you need to exhibit a genuine interest and passion in solving them. Content should be created with the primary goal of acknowledging or even anticipating the prospect’s problems and leading them toward a solution.
  4. Promotion—There are proven and effective techniques for compelling prospects to take action, participate in webinars, download white papers and opt into your sales process. It starts with getting the right eyeballs on the content.

(Originally published February 9, 2017)

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