By John Lavey | Hammock President/COO

Few organizations are as trusted as KLAS Research for its evaluations and ratings of the software, medical devices and services firms serving the healthcare industry.

A “Best in KLAS” distinction is the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for the industry, and a company that meets KLAS benchmarks can receive some of the best kind of marketing available. A great KLAS score can help a small company, in particular, get on the radar of large prospective customers.

Knowing of KLAS Research’s reputation, we wondered: What role can the creation of high-quality thought leadership content play in KLAS ratings?

First, there is no substitute for excellence, and no amount of marketing is going to cover up for not following through on the standards that KLAS evaluates in its rigorous process:

  1. Market leaders in their specialty
  2. Trusted partners to customers
  3. Superior implementation
  4. Superior training
  5. Superior ongoing support

Second, a strategic partner can help you demonstrate authentic value to your customers, helping buyers clear away the “sales sizzle” and get to the meat. In a blog post on the KLAS site, author Lois Krotz notes the top five attributes of an effective advisory firm. Having a strategic approach is one of the five.

“Such firms bring additional value by assuming a position of thought leadership and exercising strategic and collaborative guidance,” Krotz notes. “Firms that take a truly strategic consulting approach will communicate proactively and effectively with clients, convince stakeholders to buy in, and use their knowledge to empower continued healthcare success.”

Content that addresses healthcare challenges can aid a company in being more strategic and delivering quality thought leadership.

Takeaway: A company that is designated “Best in KLAS” has demonstrated true excellence. The ability to be a valuable and strategic partner can be aided by exceptional, non-salesy content.

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