Those logophiles at Lake Superior State University have unleashed their 2009 list of words deserving of banishment, and as one might expect, the surfeit of “green” terms has them seeing red. So does “it’s that time of year again,” which is how I might have started this post.
“Green,” “carbon footprint” and “carbon offsetting” were among the most off-putting terms nominated by thousands of language guardians. “WallStreet/Main Street,” “Bailout” and “maverick” also boarded the list from the political-social commentary side of the street.
Ironically, the school could use a bailout, as falling enrollment has led to layoffs.
The list, with samples of comments from those who nominated them, can be found here. Located in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., LSSU is already accepting nominations for its 2010 list.
Meanwhile, contributor Frances Cole Jones published her list of 10 phrases not to use around the office (or at home, in my opinion). The list parallels a longer one appearing in Britain’s Daily Mail.
And the Irish Parliament is reviewing its banned word policy after discovering that the so-called “F-bomb” or “F-word” isn’t (I’m nominating “Blank-bomb/-word to LSSU).
So at this time of year, here’s wishing fewer cliches and old chestnuts for the New Year.