Are your content marketing efforts hitting a wall? Does it seem like your e-mail blasts and newsletters disappear into cyberspace? Do your carefully crafted Tweets, status updates and posts feel like a waste of time?
The truth is converting content into cash is easy, but it takes getting into the skin of your readers and winning their trust and friendship. Here are secrets on how to do this from online business blogger Dan Ohis:

1. Reward your readers. Surprise customers with each message you send by solving a need or desire they have, entertaining them or giving them suggestions to increase their confidence.
2. Be a friend, not a guru. If you are going to sell yourself as an expert, be friendly. No one likes to be talked down to. Emphasize with readers and develop a rapport. Remember: Customers buy from those they know and trust.
3. Tell before you sell. Hook readers by telling them a story. Encourage them to ask questions and point to helpful materials and sites. Then introduce your product by explaining how it will benefit them and how it has helped others. End with a clear call to action, giving them a link to click or a place to go to order your product.
Remember, it’s all about creating a relationship. By using your online content to establish a close relationship with your customer, you can confidently ask for—and expect—a sale.