We like to stay on the leading edge of the curve when it comes to technology, social media, publishing, business and so much more. So when dates are announced for SXSWi each year, we don’t pencil it into our calendar–we write it in huge letters in permanent marker!

SXSWi is a great conference for many reasons—including good Tex-Mex cuisine, offline networking with online faces and the first blooms of Texas wildflowers—but it also is a great place to be the first to hear about what’s to come and what’s hot for the Web. It was the first place that we heard the word “Twitter” uttered in casual conversation. “Facebook” was just a place where a few college friends were gathering online when we first heard about it at SXSWi. And “Ruby on Rails” was just a girl on a train before SXSWi brought it into the mainstream.
What will this year’s hot new website be? What is the next Web language we all need to learn? Where will the next online gathering place be? By going to Austin for SXSWi later this week, we’ll be the first to know. And you’ll be the second!
Wanna follow along?