Content marketing can be a cost-effective way to get the word out about a company, putting the small guys on a more even playing field with the big boys. One reason it’s an economical strategy is because you can repurpose your content in dozens of different ways, turning a blog entry into a white paper or an article into the script of a video. The idea is to recycle content so that it “takes advantage of the different ways that your readers absorb information,” says blogger Beth Hrusch.

Now we’re not advocating for laziness in content generation; just a willingness to be creative in the way you customize content for your varied audiences.
Here are Hrusch’s 5 ideas for repurposing content, just in time for Earth Day. What are yours?
1. Turn your white paper into a slide show, reaching those who don’t want to wade through tons of paper.
2. Compile several articles into an electronic book, pushing it out to Kindle and iPad-loving customers.
3. Use blog posts or articles as a script for an educational or how-to video.
4. Take content written for one market and tweak it for another.
5. Offer your educational content, whether podcasts or video, in CD or DVD form so that customers can refer to it whenever they need it.