Custom media products
used by business marketers*
Email newsletters 68.7
White papers 50.0
Case studies 47.3
Custom events or roadshows 38.7
Blogs 28
Custom video 22
Custom magazines 18
Online community/social networks 14
*From the Junta 42 and BtoB study

A report recently released by Junta42 and BtoB magazine reveals that business marketers spend on average 29.42 percent of their budgets on custom content. This is slightly higher than that the 2007 studies by the Custom Publishing Council and Publications Management, which found marketers spending 27 percent on average for B2B and B2C. Spending on custom products is on the rise, too. In 2008, 42 percent of business marketers increased their spending on customized content marketing.

Find the full list of custom products used by marketers responding to the study here.