At Hammock, we appreciate the way in which new media and approaches allow one to share stories in ways other than the traditional linear approach. We demonstrated this with our 2008 T-Shirt map, for example. So it comes as no surprise that we were intrigued and impressed with a digital project in the UK by book publisher Penguin called, “We Tell Stories.” The project features six authors sharing six short stories in six weeks. Each story is told using a different set of online tools and approaches — the same types of of tools and approaches we believe can help companies and associations effectively share their stories with customers, members and others.
For example, the story, “The 21 Steps” by Charles Cumming uses a Google Maps mashup to present a round-the-world story. And the story, “Slice” by Toby Litt uses two different blogging platforms (LiveJournal and WordPress) and Twitter.
Yes, we’re impressed. Perhaps not with the stories themselves, but with the experimentation taking place. And by a book publisher, no less.