How do you view your newsletter—whether e-mail or print? Do you see it as separate from your website? If so, you’re potentially overlooking a huge opportunity to maximize your content marketing impact, says Newt Barrett on
In his post, Barrett shares seven ways to get more for your newsletter buck. Depending on your business, all seven of his ideas might not apply, but on his list are a few must-dos to make your newsletter work harder for you:

  • Link each newsletter story to a page on your website. “You want your readers to find their way easily to your online home so they can discover lots more about your company, its products and its people,” he says.
  • Be sure to make RSS feeds available for your newsletter and for all of your web content. “This is an easy and free way of syndicating your news stories that will extend your newsletter subscriber base dramatically,” Newt says.
  • Be sure each article integrates social media sharing capabilities. “If you’re lucky, a great article may go viral and be spread across the web by enthusiasts who value and want to share your content,” he says.”