A new study released today found that interactive digital magazines outperform traditional Web sites when it comes to engagement, according to BtoB.
Eighty-two percent of respondents said they were more engaged with their digital magazine than with Web sites covering the same topic. Seventy percent of survey respondents said they were more likely to ignore Web site banner ads than ads in their digital magazine.
The survey polled readers of eight interactive digital magazines that “are taking advantage of the interactivity offered by the Web and supplying readers with video, slide shows and Flash animation,” study author Josh Gordon told BtoB.
Speaking of engagement, Junta42 founder Joe Pulizzi posted a free whitepaper on the topic at his blog. It’s called “Engagement: Understanding It, Achieving It, Measuring It.” You can get it for free, no strings attached, and it includes great insight on something we’re passionate about here at Hammock.