We’ve found that organizations seek the help of a custom media partner like ours for lots of different reasons. Some have internal communications departments, but don’t have the editorial, design or production expertise to accomplish their goals. Others recognize the cost savings and predictability of working with a partner rather than keeping the resources necessary to produce media in-house; while others have expertise in one type of media, but look to us for help creating and integrating new media. Our relationships with our clients are all unique, but here are some of the more common reasons we have found for organizations to hire a custom media company:

  1. Scarcity of resources
    For many organizations, their communications staff does not have the time to create, design and distribute the media. The Angerosa Research Foundation’s E-Publishing Trends and Metrics report affirms this challenge, specifically in the area of electronic communications for associations.
  2. According to the study, scare resources of staff, time or budget was the biggest obstacle to associations’ online communications projects. That is the reason why many organizations find turnkey media services appealing because we can handle the entire workflow of a custom media project — from edit slate creation, to ongoing content management of a website, to distribution and circulation for a print publication and programming for video.

  3. Desire for cost-containment
    Some organizations do not want to assume the fixed and variable costs associated with the creation and execution of print and online media. To avoid any unpredictability in these associated costs and commitment to long-term investments, they prefer to partner with an outside media company. Working with us, organizations can more easily budget these costs into their overall association and communications budgets.
  4. Need for media integration
    Today organizations realize that to effectively communicate with their members or customers, they must move beyond a single communications vehicle to meet their goals. To connect with audiences and engage them with your message, you can no longer assume that one medium will work for all of your audience.
    Keeping up with the latest technology related to these new communications opportunities online can be overwhelming and time-consuming for associations which is why it’s not surprising it was the second most mentioned challenge for associations related to electronic communications in the Angerosa study. We’re experts in this type of media integration and so when you partner with a company like Hammock, you can be assured that we will work with you to make sure your message is reaching your audience — no matter which custom media combination is required to be successful.

Whether or not one of your reasons falls into this list or not, we are ready to help you. Interested? Contact us.