Producing a vibrant, beautiful publication–one based on core values and aligned with an enduring service mission—is helping the Daughters of the American Revolution to both grow its membership and support its promotion of historic preservation, patriotism and education.

American Spirit

From its very beginning, the DAR
published a magazine that chronicled its projects and the accomplishments of its members and local chapters. Today’s American Spirit magazine follows in that legacy–by celebrating the accomplishments of the DAR and its
members through engaging features related to the organization’s
core mission and interests.

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American Spirit is a beautiful magazine–one that any reader would be proud to display on a coffee table or desktop. Spend time reading its pages, and you’ll discover that its beauty is more than skindeep. Its features celebrate education, patriotism, and the support of America’s military and veterans, as well as the preservation of historically important buildings, places, artifacts, documents and other items of interest to its members–and anyone who loves America’s story.