Hammock provides services that support our clients’ customer media and marketing content strategies. Marketing content refers to all forms of media used to help build brands, generate leads, add value to products and create long-lasting relationships between companies and customers.

Marketing content plays a powerful role in taking customers along a journey, from their need to find help with a problem they face, to the point in the process where they compare solutions, to the sale, or transaction, and beyond: on-boarding and delivering on the promise of the sale, and converting owners into loyal partners.


Think of us as like an advertising agency or public relations agency, but rather than offering services that are rooted in traditional types of paid or earned media, Hammock’s roots and expertise lie in developing and managing media and content. This content — in the form of print and digital media ranging from magazines to tweets — is typically used by our clients to communicate directly with their customers, not third parties like traditional media channels.

Hammock Inc. | Grimson Demo Reel 2020.

Our clients have various in-house resources and work with a variety of professional marketing services firms. Many of our clients have discovered that the type of content and media that builds brands and strengthens customer relationships isn’t the same type of content created and managed by other types of content agencies. With a wide array of media and content services in support of your goals, Hammock can complement and support the work of your entire marketing team, in-house, and agencies.

For specific samples of our work, you can visit both the Case Studies and Portfolio sections of our website. Examples of our work are also shared regularly on the Hammock Blog.

Customer Media & Content Marketing Services

  • Research, Insight & Strategy
  • Creative, Editorial & Design
  • Magazine Publishing for Print & Screens
  • Book Publishing for Print & Screens
  • Technology (Integration, Development, Apps)
  • Video, Photography & Illustration
  • Sales & Launch Presentation Systems
  • Advertising Sales & Management
  • Production & Distribution

Channels and Networks

  • Print (USPS and place-based)
  • Email (Various platforms)
  • The Big Web (Websites, Microsites, Wikis)
  • The Small Web (e.g., Twitter)
  • The Social Web
  • The Channeled Web (Intranets, Amazon Kindle Store, RSS, Apps)
  • Live Events (Conferences, Shows, Conventions)