lena.jpgBecause I’ve been talking about it for the past four months, it’s no secret that I ran the Country Music 1/2 Marathon this weekend. Besides the sweet medal I took home (I came this close to wearing it to work todayムyeah, I’m glad I didn’t either), here’s what I took away from the experience:
・ Everyone I work withムboth clients and coworkersムare super nice as they all wished me good luck.
・ John Lavey, who finished in 1:39, can run faster than I can, information to keep in mind if he’s ever mad at me.
・ Nashville is hilly. Like, really hilly. Ouch.
・ Despite the hills and the overwhelming oh-my-goodness-when-will-this-end feeling, it was great hearing coworkers like Emily McMackin and other fans scream “GO LENA!!” at mile 12.
Overall, it was a great experience. I can’t wait until next year! Who wants to join me??