If you’re a fan of anyone or anything, it’s always great to be around other people who share that passion. But if your coworkers, family or closest friends don’t share in that excitement, where is a fan to turn? Online, of course.
Several of us here at Hammock are fans of the TV show LOST. (The new season in February can’t start soon enough!) But any time we want to talk with like-minded fans when we’re not in the office with each other, a simple Google search of “LOST fan forum” will bring up 984,000 results.

The online world gives fans more than a place to just share conspiracy theories and devote their undying love to actors (or characters):

  • Several LOST forums will allow you to upload video to chat with other fans, rather than simply typing text on the page.
  • Characters are blogging! One great example of this is the Barney Blog. Barney is the “suited up” womanizing character played by, wait for it, Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother.
  • Grey’s Anatomy fans can enter contests to caption photos from the show.

No matter what you are passionate about, online communities can provide a great place to interact with like-minded folks all around the world. And maybe right in your own office.