The Nashville community has come together in remarkable ways after the devastating Nashville Flood. The tech community, in particular, worked cooperatively over the course of one week to build and add content to an online tool called Donate Nashville. Launched on Saturday, May 8, the Craigslist-like tool helps fill in the gaps as Nashville starts to recover and rebuild from the flood.

The site is simple in concept and encourages people to list their own needs as well as resources, starting with simple prompts, like “I Need: Help, Stuff, Housing” and “I Have: Time, Stuff, Money.” Need some assistance to move furniture out of a flood-damaged home? Have a trunk full of nonperishable goods? Can you give up your Saturday morning to work on a home demolition? Just enter in your specific needs for supplies or assistance, or offer your material donations or volunteer service.
The site is intended to outlast the flood and be available for future disaster relief. Read this post by the editors of Nashvillest for more information on how the tool works. (As part of the content team, Jamie would love any feedback on how to make the site even more dynamic and useful, so please contact her here.)
It’s all part of an even bigger movement called We Are Nashville, which will continue to build this cooperative spirit and help Nashvillians find creative ways to help their neighbors. Rex, Megan and Jamie are powering the content for We Are Nashville’s Twitter feed right now, so take a look and join the cause!