Ever had writer’s block? If you’re the one churning out content for your website, chances are you have. The worst is when you’ve exhausted all of the usual places you look for inspiration and come up empty-handed. Well, here’s another source to add to your arsenal of awesome content ideas: your web analytics. That’s right, those pages and pages of keywords showing how people find your site are full of great content ideas, says Dianna Huff of the Content Marketing Institute.
Dianna says every time she looks at her Google Analytics report, she comes away with at least half a dozen content ideas. (Hey, that could be two weeks worth of content!)
She shares her tips for finding content ideas in keyword reports:

  • Look for combinations of search phrases around a specific topic.
  • Look for questions/phrases that need answers.
  • Look for non-relevant search phrases.

Check out the post for more insight on each of these.