We celebrated the release of iTunes 4.9 today (the new version that integrates “podcasting” into the interface) by commissioning Summer Huggins to conduct one of her famous national polls (she sends an e-mail to everyone) to find out what the Hammorati are downloading to their iTunes/iPods these days. Here are her findings:
From America to the Brady Bunch to Coldplay, the staff of Hammock Publishing seem to have a wide range of musical tastes. Here is what I learned.
Barbara: I last uploaded a song called “Chicken Payback” by A Band of Bees off a CD sampler called SXSW Astralwerks New Music ’05. The sampler also has “Jerk It Out” by The Caesars which has been used in the iPod TV commercial. So I can play this on my iPod and dance around. I’m so cool.
Laura: “The First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes
Bill:“The Spirit of Radio” by Rush
Jamie:I recently loaded the entire 100 Percent Funk album. (Kool & The Gang, Commodores, Rick James, et.al.)
Shannon: “Sister Golden Hair” by America. My extended family is getting together for the Fourth of July and I’ve started a playlist for the weekend…all Classic Rock songs my dad and uncles will love.
Summer: Robyn Ludwick’s whole debut CD, For So Long. She’s a singer/songwriter from just outside of Austin. Little sister of Bruce and Charlie Robison.
Allison: Well, I don’t have an iPod (yet), but I loaded some stuff to my iTunes this morning. I don’t actually recall all the songs, but here is a list of the latest artists showing up in my iTunes: Bowie, The Clash, Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method, John Coltrane, Sahara Hotnights.
Kerri: Like this would be a big surprise…the new Coldplay, X&Y.
Lynne: Suspicious Minds (Dwight Yoakam)
Leslie: The new Coldplay single, “Speed of Sound”
Lena:“American Pie,” by the Brady Bunch. Before you judge me, I do have an explanation. So I really wanted the song, but to get the Don McLean version on iTunes, you have to buy the whole album. So I went with the Brady Bunch one, which, I’m pleased as punch to report, is not as bad as one might think.
David Ask - RestRex:The last thing I downloaded on my iPod was the podcast, “The Nashville Nobody Knows.” The last music I purchased on iTunes and downloaded was five different covers of the Bill Monroe bluegrass gospel tune, “Working on a Building.”
Blair: I have loaded a lot of music lately but I think my most recent addition
was the live 3CD set, How the West Was Won by Led Zeppelin.
Natalie: Lisa’s husbands CD – David Ask – Rest