I just submitted a story for one of Hammock’s teen-oriented magazines on surviving in the wilderness. While I’m steadily gaining more experience in hiking and camping, this article drawing on my modicum of expertise wasn’t exactly turned in on time. One reason? I spent far too long doing research on Backpacker magazine’s website.

The site immediately pulls you in with a fun online survival center that includes a library of how-to videos. Want to learn how to fend off a bear attack? How about stop a gushing wound? The Survival 101 section has the answers to common lifesaving questions, as magazine editors blend video and advice from experts to supplement their print content. The site acts as a true service to the magazine’s loyal readers, including this fan who will use the tips to impress my backpacking companions on our next trek. (Yes, I fully intend to dazzle all with my ability to build a fire with one match.)