Megan, Jamie and Bill regained the championship trophy at last year’s NALC Spelling Bee (where the theme was, obviously, pirates).

It’s spelling bee time again, and Bill, Jamie and I are gearing up to reprise our roles from last year on Hammock’s winning team. The 15th Annual Nashville Area Literacy Council’s Spelling Bee takes place Tuesday, Sept. 9, at the Nashville Public Library, so if you’re in the area stop by to cheer us on!

This year’s theme is NASCAR, so I’m guessing we’ll see some dueling No. 8 and No. 24 t-shirts—and hopefully some stick-on mustaches, too. But besides planning our costumes, Bill, Jamie and I (ok, mostly I) have some studying to do to ensure the checkered flag is lowered first for us. Because if we win, Jamie has promised to take a victory lap around the library garage.

But I bet we could convince her to do a burnout, too.