Well, tomorrow’s the big day. It’s going to be an unseasonable 86 degrees for the Country Music Half Marathon, which my husband and I are running.

It’s going to be rough, so if you’re out watching tomorrow, yell at me (and wish me luck).

But I won’t need too much luck. To prepare, I’ve been singing “Eye of the Tiger” to myself for about the last week. I think it’s working. Tonight, I’ll probably watch “Rocky.”

I’ll check back in on Monday to let you know how it went. To all of you fellow Country Music Marathon (and Half Marathon) participants out there, good luck!

UPDATE (Monday, April 27): I crossed the finish line! It wasn’t pretty, but I finished. It was a very pretty day, but one that would have been better spent by the pool (and not running around Nashville). Here’s hoping for mostly cloudy with a slight drizzle on April 24, 2010!