Meet Steve Sullivan, Hammock’s newest employee. A native Nashvillian, Steve has spent his career helping small businesses grow. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Steve is an avid sports fan, especially for his alma mater Bulldogs and local Tennessee Titans. Steve lives with his wife, Debbie; two children, Jeannie and Stephen; and two dogs.

What attracted you to Hammock?
What really struck me about Hammock was the culture and reputation of Hammock. On top of that is the foresight and thought leadership Rex brings to the industry.
Tell us a bit about your job here.
I have been brought in to ramp up business development, help businesses and associations understand what value we bring, and why our clients love doing business with us.
What are your hobbies?
I don’t know that I entertain as many hobbies as I used to, which probably makes me pretty boring. I love photography and am a sports enthusiast.
Favorite author?
While I absolutely love a good book, I don’t have a certain author that I flock to.
Favorite musician?
Another good question which could bring a different response on any given day. One of my all time favorites would have to be Lyle Lovett.

Favorite magazine?

Predictably, Sports Illustrated.
Favorite TV show and movies?
TV shows come and go (unless it’s a CSI series and they just keep coming out with new ones…). If I had to choose a movie it would probably be “The Sting”.

Favorite foods and restaurant in Nashville?

I have an incredible weakness for a well prepared steak. Unfortunately, Nashville is lacking a good local steak restaurant so we prefer Flemings locally. Then again, I am a very casual person so a good hole in the wall place is more my style like Rotiers, Browns or Baja Burrito.
Most memorable trip?
It would have to be our honeymoon.
Morning person or night owl?
I have evolved into both. I get up early and stay up late.
Which three people do you most admire and why?
While this should probably be historical, which would indicate great perspicacity, the ones that easily jump out are (1) my father both in the context of how he came from very little and built a solid business and a well respected reputation in his field of business, and for his wise counsel; (2) a former employer/mentor Charles Blankenship who has built several companies and exhibited a quiet yet astute leadership style; and (3) a former minister KC Ptomey and his insight into theological truths.
What new skill would you most like to acquire?
Any musical skill. Or is that more a talent?