Meet Barbara Greenfield, one of Hammock Publishing’s newest employees.
Barbara was born and raised in Memphis except during her 2nd-5th grade years when her family moved to a suburb of Chicago. She loved the Windy City so much she decided to attend Northwestern for college where she majored in Art History. After college she moved to New York and worked for Sotheby’s for a year in their Fine Arts Department. She then relocated to London for eight months to work in Sotheby’s new office catering to works under $100,000 threshold.
Barbara returned to the States to attend business school at Vanderbilt in the Spring 2002. She entered the publishing world the summer after her first year of grad school in Little Rock, Ark., working for the Oxford American, and continued to consult for the magazine over the next year. Upon graduation she took a job at a Franklin, TN, health care company. “But,” she says, “I soon realized that I missed publishing, which is why I am so happy to be at Hammock!”
Tell us about your hometown and your family.

I am a Memphis girl. My mom still lives there with my stepfather Keith and her beloved pug Gracie. I was born in Memphis one week before Elvis died. My mom claims it was one of the hottest summers in Memphis history.
My mom is a part-time flight attendant for Northwest Airlink. My brother Peter lives in Nashville and works for Colliers. My sister Elizabeth recently moved to Birmingham and is getting married on May 13th at Camp McDowell in Alabama. Elizabeth is in Nashville a few days each month because she is in graduate school at Vanderbilt to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and will graduate in August.

What attracted you to Hammock Publishing?

Two publishing folks I respect raved about Hammock and then once I did some work for you over the summer I was blown away. I quickly realized how much I missed publishing and that I was confident Hammock was the right fit for me.

Tell us a bit about your job here.

My role is to market NFIB and My Business to ad agencies, marketers and other audiences who are trying to reach to small business owners. I will also help coordinate efforts to up-sell current advertisers and establish new corporate sponsorships while also supporting the Elliot ad sales team.

You’ve lived in NYC and London, two of the world’s greatest cities. What, if anything, would you do to Nashville to improve it?

I absolutely love Nashville, but I would love it if there were more places within walking distance of work/home. One of my favorite things about living in a big city was the ability to walk everywhere. I hate feeling so trapped by the requirement to get in my car to get anywhere.

What are your hobbies?

Cooking and baking. I often make more than I eat so I will definitely bring in treats. I bought my first road bike last fall and my goal is to finish one Olympic distance triathlon this year.

Favorite sports team?

ummm. well, I saw LeBron James on Oprah last week so I am now crazy about him.

Favorite author?

David Sedaris makes me laugh so hard so I love him for that. I look forward to seeing him in Nashville in April.

Favorite musician?

Dolly Parton. I saw her at the Station Inn a few months ago and now have a HUGE crush on her.

Favorite kind(s) of music?

Hip hop

Favorite magazines?

Real Simple, Gourmet and the New Yorker

Favorite TV show and movies?

I am a Netflix fanatic so I do not tend to watch much TV although I do catch up via Netflix. My recent favorites include Six Feet Under, Family Guy, Entourage and Lost. When I was younger I wanted to grow up to be Gene Siskel or Roget Ebert so narrowing down a movie list is a challenge but here are some new and old good ones: Walk the Line, Capote, Brokeback Mountain, LOTR, Home for the Holidays, The Godfather, Gone with the Wind, Million Dollar Baby, Almost Famous, The Big Chill, ET, Hoosiers, Out of Africa, The Right Stuff and You Can Count on Me.

Favorite foods and restaurant in Nashville?

Margot, Parco Cafe at the Farmer’s Market, Pizza Perfect on 21st, Browns Diner and Copper Kettle

Chocolate, vanilla or _____?

Dark chocolate

Morning person or nightbird?


What three people do you most admire and why?

My mom, sister and brother because they always forgive me.

What new skill would you most like to acquire?

I took Latin in high school and college so I wish I spoke a modern language I could actually use.

What are your guilty pleasure songs?

“I think we’re alone now” by Tiffany; “Love is a battlefield” Pat Benatar; “Let’s hear it for the boy” Deniece Williams; “Heaven is a place on earth” Belinda Carlisle

Lost or 24?

Lost, although I have only see the first season, anxiously awaiting the second second season on dvd.