Now that we’re about to enter that time of year when our gardens are at their best–and most plentiful, recipes are in high demand. That’s why I was so excited to come across Mark Bittman’s brilliant article “101 Simple Salads for the Season” this week. Whether you are a vegan or a carnivore, Bittman provides innovative ideas for how to inject interesting flavors and combinations into your kitchen. I already made recipe #2 in the vegan section–the salad of tomatoes and peaches. It took less than 5 minutes to make and was divine. Now my only fear is that I won’t have a chance to experiment with more of the recipes before the fruits, veggies and herbs go out of season. Take my lead–print Bittman’s article today and keep it in your kitchen so that it’s handy the next time you are staring at your pint of tomatoes, wondering what to do with them.