As a friend aptly put it, the Oscars are like my Super Bowl. Ok, yes, I am totally addicted to lists of must-see movies, I geek out on Oscar-related trivia and I’ve even had parties where I served food items related to the nominees. (There Will Be Blood pudding, anyone?)

Some of my favorite moments from this year’s list: Carey Mulligan blowing off her A-levels to go to Paris in “An Education.” Meryl Streep enjoying French feasts with her husband in “Julie & Julia.” All those beautiful balloons rising in “Up.” So many of Jeremy Renner’s powerful scenes in “The Hurt Locker” that explore its theme: War is a drug. An under-the-influence Jeff Bridges singing in the bowling alley in “Crazy Heart.” The smooth George Clooney in every scene of “Up in the Air” (ok, I’m prejudiced. His female co-stars were pretty great, too).

My film-loving pals are throwing out their predictions over on Team Hammock. What’s your pick?