Youd be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated bunch of movie fans than the folks at Hammock Publishing. So when, in honor of Valentines Day, we asked for favorite romantic movies, we got plenty of nominations, and some of them were a bit, um, unusual. In no particular order, here are the flicks that say lovin’ to the Hammorati:
Sleepless in Seattle
-Submitted by Carrie Wakeford and another Hammock employee who remains nameless because she doesn’t want people to think she’s sappy
Amelie and Sense & Sensibility
-Both submitted by Alison Lund and Jamie Roberts (they have similar tastes!)
My favorite, the classic, An Affair to Remember, an old Cary Grant/Deborah Kerr movie–also a great book, referenced in Sleepless in Seattle
-Submitted by Julia Boklage
Schindler’s List
Pulp Fiction
Deer Hunter
-Submitted by John Romance, not my strong suit Lavey
The sad ones:
The Way We Were
English Patient
Life is Beautiful
-Submitted by Jamie Roberts
Dirty Dancing
-Submitted by Shannon Who didn’t want to cheer when Patrick Swayze said, No body puts Baby in the corner! Scully
-Submitted by Barbara Mathieson
The African Queen
Bedazzled (1968 version with Dudley Moore, Peter Cook and Raquel Welch)
The Lord of the Rings
-Submitted by Bill Love’s just part of the story Hudgins