If my coworkers are wondering why I’m walking kind of like a duck today (waddle, waddle), it’s because I did a half marathon yesterday in Knoxville. The forecast called for rain at the start line, but I consider myself and the 2,000 or so participants lucky that the rain didn’t start until I hit mile 12. It made for a very wet, cold and overall miserable final mile (and walk back to the car), but the race was fun and gave a beautiful view of a city I decided I need to visit more often.

The finish line was on the 50-yard line of Neyland Stadium at the University of Tennessee, which would be exciting for most Tennessee residents, but not for this Vanderbilt fan/alum. I proudly wore my Vanderbilt shirt and hat as I trotted into the end zone. (I think there’s a joke somewhere in there about Vanderbilt football being really bad, but I love my school too much to make it.)

In all seriousness, I really enjoyed being a part of this wellness event that also included a Kids Fun Run. It was a reminder of why the work I do during the day with HealthTeacher is so important — and rewarding.