We have several traditions here at Hammock and one of our favorites is our annual company T-shirt. For the past 17 years, we’ve shared an annual edition T-shirt with the friends we work with throughout the year. You can see a gallery of our past T-shirts here.
Each year we experiment with something new. Last year we encouraged all recipients to upload a photo of themselves wearing their T-shirt and from those, created a world map of all of the photos.

So what is this year’s T-shirt all about?
Every day, we at Hammock work to support marketers who want to tap into the passions of their customers, members, employees and others. We help them build strong and loyal communities by focusing on those shared passions.
So we decided to use this year’s T-shirt to celebrate the personal passions of the people here at Hammock and our friends — and how these passions create communities. The T-shirt design itself displays our wide array of passions: at work, at home and in our community.
And we’re also using this opportunity to help our friends (and the folks here at Hammock) promote their passions, too. That’s why we have created a gallery to display all our friends’ passions and to share how people can support these causes, get involved or discover a new passion of their own.
We’re inviting you to send us a quote, a photo, a video, song or poem about your personal passion. If it’s a cause, please let us know a URL to link folks to for more information. (And please note: You do NOT need to be wearing a Hammock T-shirt in your photo. Go here to see what others have sent us.)
It’s easy to share your passion. Just e-mail it to us at: [email protected].
T-shirts will be mailed later this month. If you don’t receive one and would like one, we will have a few extra. We can’t promise you one, but feel free to send us your size and mailing info to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to send you one.