Want to attract customers with your content marketing? One of the first steps to hooking readers is making sure that everything you publish is polished and error-free. Blogger Sean Rasmussen recommends these steps when editing online content:
Let it rest. Don’t rush to publish. After writing something, let it some time pass between your first draft and final edit. You’ll be more likely to catch errors this way.
Proof carefully. Always run spell-check, but remember it’s not foolproof. Read your text thoroughly and ask someone else to proof it, too, so another set of eyes can catch what yours may have missed.
Preview before publishing. If you’re adding content to a system that allows you to do this, take advantage of it and check for proper formatting, line breaks and photo placement.
Content first, SEO second. You want to drive search engines to your sales page, but don’t put SEO keywords ahead of producing quality content. Write the piece first—and then add the keywords.