downtown nashville flood, may 2010

Click to view a larger version of this panoramic photo by Kelsey Wynns for a sense of what Nashville’s Riverfront looked like on Monday, May 3, 2010.

Thanks to those from around the country who have reached out with concern about how we may have been affected by what will forevermore be known in Nashville as the Flood of 2010. While some infrastructure challenges in our building caused many of us to work virtually on Monday, we are fortunate that no one who works at Hammock-Nashville has been forced out of their homes like so many of our neighbors in the area. As I wrote today on my blog, Nashvillians will pull together to journey through the devastation and loss we’re currently experiencing.
For those who have asked how you can contribute to the flood recovery efforts, let me make two suggestions. While there are many groups that are worthy of your support (a great list of them can be found on this post at, there are two groups that many of us at Hammock have worked with personally in the past — and even during the past 24 hours.
Either group will put your contribution to work immediately:
The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee: In partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management, the Community Foundation is coordinating contributions to the Metro Nashville Disaster Response Fund and Tennessee Emergency Relief Fund.
This just in: All proceeds from the sale of this T-shirt go to the Community Foundation.
Hands on Nashville: On behalf of the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management, Hands on Nashville is coordinating the volunteer efforts.