The photo of three angry-looking guys and the caption, “Are your people pages scaring away prospects?” accompanying this content marketing article by communications consultant Jon Buscall made me laugh. Maybe your company doesn’t have people pages that would actually frighten away prospects, but are those pages showcasing your team in a way that would make those prospects eager to work with you?

Buscall was surprised to see how high people pages ranked in a few client sites’ Google analytics — until he thought about the reasons why. “We want to know something about the people involved because we don’t do business with a faceless corporation; we do business with people,” he says.
With so much attention being paid to these parts of your Web site, what can you do to amp them up? Here are three ways to make your people pages pop:

  1. Post a Q&A video. Ask fun questions that show off your team’s personality.
  2. Bring the personal side to the professional. Encourage your employees to write short items for a “people” blog about their interests and hobbies, from gardening to film to music to charity work.
  3. Go behind the scenes. Showcase your employees’ talents by asking them to explain what they do in more detail, maybe aided by step-by-step photos or a how-to video.

Check out Hammock Inc’s people pages content, and let us know what you think!