Last week we showed you five amazing photo finishes—to inspire you to meet your year-end content marketing deadlines with style and flair—and show you how collaborating with Hammock can help you cross the finish line in an award-winning fashion.

Today’s inspiration comes from the realm of basketball—the buzzer beater. You probably have a favorite—that last-second dunk or half-court shot drained right as the shot clock expires and the buzzer sounds. It’s that fraction of a second when a long-shot contender knocks off a No. 1 seed and grabs the championship. A “buzzer-beating” finish is pure excitement—but it takes a smart, talented, hard-working team to set up those winning shots.

Here’s one of our favorites:

The North Carolina State Wolfpack won the 1983 NCAA Basketball National Championship over the heavily favored University of Houston Cougars on a last-second dunk by Lorenzo Charles … but the dunk was actually Charles catching a missed shot by NC State guard Dereck Whittenburg in mid-air and slamming it home at the buzzer. Houston was expected to beat NC State, which wasn’t expected to get past the first round of the tournament.

Do you need a team to help you beat the buzzer on your content and media deadlines?

If we can start by November 1, it’s amazing what we can help you accomplish by January 1.

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