So its Wednesday (aka The Day Lost Comes On), and lots of Hammoratis are among the millions of Americans taken with ABCs Emmy-awarding winning drama, Lost. Even though we dont have a water cooler at Hammock, we still gather somewherein the hallway, kitchen or copy roomon Thursday mornings to dissect what happened on the show and to fill each other in on the many details that can be discovered in each weeks episode.
Since a few Hammoratis were late in tasting the Kool-Aid and are still catching up on the first season, we cant make any predictions just yet about whats going on in season 2. But below, some of the show’s biggest fans reveal which character(s) they identify with most:
* Spoiler warning, some small things about season 2 are mentioned in answers.
Summer: I’d have to say I identify most with Shannon. Give me a loving dog and some cute clothes, and I’m a happy girl no matter where I am!!!
Laura: I am trying really hard to like this show because I want to be a cool kid, too. I have just started watching in the 2nd season, and I have no idea who anyone is except for Jack [well, wait, is he the doctor or the guy who wanted to open the hatch??] and the guy who won the lottery. Oh and Rose. She seems nice. I’m sure she’s hiding /something/. It looks like everyone is. So I don’t have a favorite yet because I can’t discern who’s evil [besides everyone] and who’s good [besides everyone].
Barbara: The new season of South Park starts tonight. Thats much more important.
Shannon: Id say Im a mixture of Michaelbecause hes bound and determined to get off that island as I would be; Charliebecause he can be a little whiny (my worst trait); and Waltbecause he loves his dog.
Allison: On most issues I can say I identify with Jack. Even though he succumbed, I would not have re-set the clock/timer thing. I would have wanted to know what would happen, because I don’t think anything would have happened. I think it is a mind game being played on them. I would just be out to survive and create the best environment possible, but I wouldn’t feel like Locke and believe the island has some special powers or whatever.
Jamie: A little hard to write about … I think I’m a combination of Sun (observant), both Jack (skeptical) and Locke (while having faith in lifes mysteries), and Hurley (likes to eat).
Lena: I think I’m the female version of Hurley (minus a few pounds). I would avoid the monsters at all cost, people wouldn’t find me too terribly annoying and I’d have a good time, despite being stuck on an island in the middle of the Pacific with losers like JACK and KATE. That last statement, coming from someone who once said, “You guys are crazy! Shannon is cool. I like her.”
Julia: I would have to say that Sun fits that bill. She is strong, sensitive, creative and resourceful. In her life, she has stood up to her parents for the privilege of living her own life. She was ready to walk away from Jin, her husband and true love, when his lifestyle threatened her values. On the island, she has quietly added many things to the survivors’ existence acting as a nurse, gardener and friend. She seems to be an all around decent human being who is always ready to make her very worthwhile contributions to the cause. However, I would have to say that my favorite character is Sawyer. He brings a lot of humor and interest to every scene he’s in and, let’s face it, he’s very easy on the eyes.