During the hectic fourth quarter of each year, we help companies and organizations with those must-do content and media projects they need to deliver by year’s end. For the last 25 years, we’ve developed processes and resources that enable us to complete major projects by January 1 if we begin by November 1. Here’s how.

It takes coordination and collaboration.

We have the ability to expedite major content projects because:

  • We have access to a network of creators, writers, producers and other content experts. In the past decade, we’ve worked with more than 500 content and subject specialists who can ramp up quickly and expertly.
  • We’ve developed and perfected our content creation process since 1991.
  • We’ve refined a collaborative approach based on mutual trust and respect with our clients.
  • We place a strategic priority on getting the job done.

What types of projects can we complete in two months?

Our content and media development and management services include carrying out competitive research, developing publishing strategies for print and digital magazines, and selling custom event and media sponsorships and advertising.

Using those skills and experiences, we can support you on year-end projects such as:

  • Kicking off an Ebook series
  • Creating a customer magazine that can launch in January
  • Creating or helping complete a 2018 content strategy
  • Developing an infographics strategy that supports your brand
  • Closing the loop on important content projects
  • Rolling out a thought-leadership strategy
  • And much, much more

When and how do we get started?


The sooner the better. Simply email Steve Sullivan at [email protected], or fill out and submit the form below, and we’ll contact you right away.

No matter what your content needs are, we look forward to helping you
finish strong in 2017.