The following is a hammorati dispatch (blog-spatch?) from Rex:

I was interviewed Friday by the folks at the public radio show Marketplace for an upcoming story regarding CEOs who blog — or, something akin to that topic. The interview went about 15-20 minutes which means I probably said a sentence of something worth keeping in the story. When I find out if and when the story is to air, I’ll post it here on Hammorati. Also, it was the first time I’ve been in the new studios of WPLN which are very nice. (Sidenote: A thank-you shout-out to Scott Smith, who has more songs on his iPod than anyone I know, for giving me a tour and being kind enough to explain to me in terminology I could understand, the digital means being used to connect me with the Marketplace producer.)

As Hammock Publishing has supported WPLN in the past and will be doing so again this year, it is great to see the facilities they have — and to recall how far they’ve come since those days in the Ben West Public Library. Come to think of it, it’s great to recall how far the library has come since those days in the Ben West facility.