To compete a decade ago, a small business’ marketing budget had a great big line item called Yellow Pages advertising. Small businesses would spend hundreds of month on a tiny ad that got them nowhere compared to their competitors who spent thousands on the full-page ad.
But today, thanks to the demise of the Yellow Pages and the rise of content marketing, the game has changed, according to
“For a capital investment of $5-$10,000 a business of any size can build a credible and compelling website that integrates a blog, an eNewsletter and social media in order to compete effectively with companies that might be 10 or 100 times their size.”
An even better snippet from the post is this: “Although the website of a small business may lack some of the polish and pizazz of its giant brethren, it can be every bit as successful when it conveys content that is truly relevant and compelling for its ideal target customers.”
At Hammock, we call that Content That Works.