Earlier this year, Hammock began working with 20|20 Research on a project designed to help boost their organic search results and generate leads for its suite of online research products.
Long known for its physical research facilities, the company now boasts impressive online products with a fast-growing user base of research professionals in the United States and Europe. As these new products ramp up, they want to make sure their expanded capabilities and unique online products are receiving the recognition they deserve.
When they reached out to us they were already savvy content marketers and a step ahead of most companies. Not only did they have a well-written and authoritative CEO blog, they also had a strong presence on LinkedIn and Twitter.
However, like many companies, the full plate of duties already being handled by everyone on staff made it difficult for the company to find the time and focus needed to reach the objectives they had for their online efforts.

After conducting our initial Content Marketing Intelligence Report, we proposed a content strategy that narrowed the focus of the blog’s content in a way that more precisely targets the intended audience. Utilizing this approach, we helped develop an editorial schedule and guidelines that have helped make it easier for the CEO to anticipate and create posts that are not only popular with readers, but are rich in the types of content Google associates with potential clients of the company. We also assisted the firm in adapting its site to support “research content” — the information that marketing research practitioners need when tracking down a source, some background or a definition. Additionally, we support the company by helping develop ideas, and draft and edit posts for the company’s blog.
And to extend the site’s reach beyond current company blog readers (and organic search results we’re getting), we also distribute this content to a growing audience on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in a process we call “social syndication” — providing content wherever an audience may be found, in a format they can share with others.
Like we do for all such online content marketing clients, we provide a monthly report that tracks the metrics directly tied to the company’s business objectives. The relationship is new, but these monthly reports already show that visits to the company’s website from the blog, as well as the various social media accounts, are growing. Likewise, the company’s search rankings for key phrases are improving. And along with that growth, new friends, followers and subscribers are discovering the company’s new online offerings.