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A few days ago, Rex Hammock was featured on the blog of the Boston-based Venture Fund, OpenView Partners about his recent posts claiming that “Content isn’t King.” Don’t worry. Rex isn’t turning his back on a career in content marketing. His complete claim was, “Content isn’t king. Brilliant, creative content is king.”

The OpenView Labs blog is a great example of a company that utilizes an excellent content marketing strategy. Open View Patners is a Boston-based venture fund that, in addition to investing in tech startups, provides the type of knoweledge and resources (content) the founders of those companies need to succeed.

Open View invests in companies that work to be better marketers, including content marketers. We think that’s the way all companies should think: How content can be used to add value to your customer relationships … or maximize the investment you’ve made with startups.

Last July, Rex was interviewed by the firm for a podcast (LabCast) in which he talked content marketing for lead generation. You can find a recording and transcript of the podcast on the OpenView Labs website.

*About the Contintus Rex est phrase: We’re not sure the Romans said “Content is King” this way (or, frankly, if they ever said it), but Google Translate does.