Megan’s dreams of being a professional video-game tester were dashed after developing a severe case of Nintendo Thumb at age 12, leaving her no choice but to focus on another talent: writing. She likes to believe that besides a way with words, her passion for technology (and an obsession with Apple computers) helped her land her gig at Hammock Inc., where she focuses primarily on digital media endeavors.

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, Megan’s way of rebelling was listening to country music, though this came to a quick halt once she actually moved to the Nashville area for college. Never one to put all her eggs in one basket, Megan received a bachelor’s degree in both Journalism and Spanish from Middle Tennessee State University. After working in health-care marketing and as a Spanish interpreter, Megan joined the Hammock team as a writer in December 2005.

When she’s not getting her colleagues hopped up on candy, Megan can be found keeping her inner geek alive by challenging friends to a game of Trivial Pursuit, researching the latest Apple rumors or playing video games on one of her six gaming systems. And no, she has never called in sick because of a Super Mario-related injury.