Lena came to Hammock in 2003 from, well, right down the street at Vanderbilt University, where she graduated with a degree in Human and Organizational Development. We don’t really know what that means, but it probably taught her how to juggle multiple tasks and different kinds of assignments, because that’s one of her strengths.

On a typical day, Lena’s managing MyBusiness, proofing an NFIB state publication for the umpteenth time and figuring out what historically significant dates to highlight in the next issue of American Spirit. She also manages the production process for Pharmaceutical Commerce, a monthly newsletter that covers the commercial side of the pharmaceutical industry.

Lena hails from the small eastern Kentucky town of Paintsville (the birthplace of country greats Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle!), so it’s no wonder that she ended up in Music City USA. When she’s not at her desk, Lena enjoys honky-tonkying, training for half-marathons, reading People magazine and watching reality TV (what writer’s strike?).

She also aspires to be a hip-hop dancer, but let’s face it: Hip-hop dancing is inconsistent with writing about small business and early American history.