Graphic Designer Lynne Boyer is often one of the first Hammock team members in the office each morning. On a typical day in the office, she stays busy designing and collaborating with writers and editors, but I stole a moment of her time today to find out exactly what keeps her going each day.

What is the fist thing you do when you get to the office each morning?
Check e-mail and read the CNN headlines.

Which meal fuels you better for the day, breakfast or lunch?
Definitely lunch. Just taking a few minutes away from the office to fuel up and clear my head goes a lot further than a bowl of cereal.

What communications medium helps you the most during the day?
IM. So often I just need a quick answer from an editor. I get faster answers with instant messaging than via e-mail, and it doesn’t clog up my or my co-workers’ inboxes.

What’s your favorite non-electric tool you use for work?
The Pantone color swatch book and my “reporter’s notebook” with many random facts and numbers.

What is your favorite on-the-job responsibility?
Feature design is the most challenging and fun part of being a designer at Hammock. It’s more free-form than working on recurring sections (departments) which follow a specific structure each issue. Type, photography and color are open for interpretation. It’s a great feeling when you can get all three to work together and complement the writer’s words, hopefully crafting a clear and visually interesting message.

Thanks, Lynne. IM me later!