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The third* rule of great marketing with content is “keep it simple.”

What does that mean? Here, let me keep it simple.

If your customers purchase guitars, make a video like the one created by the Chicago Music Exchange — 100 guitar riffs that capture the history of rock and roll. (Side lesson: Note the quality of the audio and the helpfulness of the song-by-song title graphics and text listing of the riffs on both the company post and the YouTube description.)

Feed the passion of your customers. Demonstrate how you share that passion. Remind them of the positive things they associate with your product and your company.

And remember the third rule: Keep it simple.


Later: In response to some questions I’ve received, there is not actually (yet) a list of “rules of marketing with content.” I say yet, because I have at least the first four rules. In addition to the first three, found elsewhere on this post, I’ve often tweeted the fourth which, I’ve decided, is actually a corollary to rule No. 3. Rule number No. 4 is found between the brackets in the following tweet:

*As with Fight Club, the first and second rules of great marketing with content are to never talk about marketing with content. I broke those rules with this post.