Maximizing your content, or “merchandising” it, as CB Whittemore of Simple Marketing Now LLC says, is stretching each piece of content for everything it’s worth, like a retail store merchandises to get the most out of each dollar spent. What’s more valuable to your business: a hundred blogs that only a handful of people ever see, or a few great pieces of content that have been reworked and reused in multiple modes of communication to reach a maximum number of viewers? Content is useless if you don’t get it out there in the open for people to read where they prefer to consume content. It’s much more effective and efficient to spend time amplifying each content piece’s reach than pumping out more and more content that just doesn’t go anywhere.
What are the best ways you extend the reach of your marketing? Here are three of our favorites:

1. Promote blog content: Whittemore says that it’s important to include site links to your blog on any medium that a client has to contact you. Add links to your custom email signature, your business cards and as reference sources during your in-person presentations.
2. Utilize Social Media: You can reach out to any form of social media to tell your followers about your blog posts, presentations and press releases. Using Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn can provide a direct link for interested site viewers to read your content.
3. Adapt in-person presentation content for online: To “merchandise” the content from an in-person presentation, consider writing a summary blog post with embedded slides from your PowerPoint or referring to the presentation in other communications like your newsletter. Adapting this content to print and online forms will spread it much farther than the original people you presented to.