MCL_MJ13CVRWith the ongoing budget problems in Washington, and with America’s presence in Afghanistan winding down, many Marines and other service members will be returning to civilian life and looking for work in the near future. They may be surprised to learn that the values instilled in them during their service are highly desired by the financial services industry.

In “Psst! Hey Marine! Wall Street Wants … You!” in the July August issue of Semper Fi, the Magazine of the Marine Corps League, several Marine veterans tell how the discipline, commitment, resilience and dedication they learned in the Corps have helped them succeed in a tough, but rewarding business.

We also profile another Marine leaving active duty—General James N. “Mad Dog” Mattis. Outspoken, sometimes controversial but beloved by his Marines (and feared by his enemies), General Mattis had headed U.S. Central Command prior to retirement. He famously told his troops on the eve of Operation Iraqi Freedom to “Demonstrate to the world there is ‘No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy, than a U.S. Marine.'”

Unfortunately for the many men and women who have served honorably in our Armed Forces, there are thousands of wannabes and scam artists who pose as veterans—and especially as highly decorated veterans—to inflate their own egos or line their pockets. “Busting Bogus ‘Heroes'” profiles the efforts of two real veterans to unmask these impostors (thanks to NBC News for allowing us to reprint this article).

And while the Marines will always be a boots-on-the-ground outfit, they increasingly depend on digital communications to coordinate their efforts. Which makes them a prime target for cyber-attacks. “The 24/7/365 War” profiles USMC cyber-security initiatives and the new skills Marines learn to wield virtual arms.

[For nearly a decade, Hammock has been honored to assist our friends at the Marine Corps League in publishing their award-winning magazine. For samples of covers and editorial features in issues since 2007, visit the Hammock Portfolio on Flickr.]